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Let me introduce myself… I am a normal single girl trying to navigate modern dating post marriage. During mine and my single friends dating experiences my friends have consistently suggested that I write down all of our experiences, pre dating and now, as a sort of ‘therapy’ and to let everyone read about the guys we have met in a proper blog as some of the stories were hilarious. Luckily I have always kept detailed diaries and spoken candidly by text with friends so have lots of material to work my way through to write this blog. The guys I’ve met and will write about in this blog will actually start in 2018 although I have only just started writing in 2020. All of the stories are 100% true, sadly for some. I’ve met some great guys but I’ve also had my fair share of heartache, although I have changed names to protect identities including my own. If people enjoy reading this blog then that’s great but ultimately I started writing for myself.

I will also write about the many dating sites and experiences as I go along and will have my single friends join in.

2018 was when I first started dating and I will continue to write up until the present day… One day I may write about my life pre-dating as it is what has shaped me today and probably is the reason why I am still single now and why I date the way I do… but for now here goes nothing, welcome to our modern dating world.

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Hey there!

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I love so many things in life… writing, reading and wine included… This is an extension of mine and my single friends lives and experiences. I hope you enjoy it.

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